Transfer Agent, Registrar and Dividend Paying Agent

Computershare Investor Services will act as transfer agent and registrar for Otis shareowners. Computershare Investor Services will also distribute dividends to registered shareowners.

Please note that there are two alternative ways to own stock, other than in mutual funds, which are:

  • as a registered shareowner or
  • as a beneficial owner of stock that is held in “street name”

If you are a registered shareowner of Otis stock, your name will appear in the company’s shareowner register kept by Computershare Investor Services. You will receive dividend checks written on the Otis account with Computershare Investor Services or Direct Deposit of your dividends to your bank account through the Automated Clearing House, or you may qualify to have your dividends reinvested through the Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan administered by Computershare Investor Services.

Registered shareowners may visit Computershare Investor Services’ website for information and assistance or you may contact them by telephone at 1-866-524-0723. If you are calling from outside the United States, you may contact them at 1-781-575-3346.

If your shares are registered in “street name,” your name will not appear anywhere in the company’s shareowner records. Instead, the “street name” of your broker, bank or other nominee who holds the shares for you will appear on our records; you will be the beneficial owner of the shares. Your dividends will be delivered to your broker, bank or other nominee who distributes the dividends to you.

Otis Worldwide Corporation and Computershare Investor Services do not have records of beneficial owners of Otis stock. If you are a beneficial owner of Otis stock, please contact your broker, bank or other nominee for assistance with any questions concerning ownership or dividends.