Environmental, Social & Governance


Connect & Thrive

We're setting our vision in motion, focusing on what matters most for our passengers, customers, colleagues and society. With foresight and purpose, we connect at a human level and allow people to thrive in a more sustainable & hopeful world that we build together.



Environmental Impact

Environment & Impact

We constantly strive to reduce the environmental impact of our products, services and operations - improving the performance of our business as well as our customers'.

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Health and Safety

Health & Safety

We prioritize the health and safety of our colleagues, contractors and the riding public. We're improving safety through the equipment and materials we use along with the policies and practices that guide the way we work.

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People and Community

People & Communities

We foster a culture that embraces many voices and points of view and we support our people with training and professional development. We proactively engage the communities around us by supporting causes and projects that make a tangible difference.

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Governance & Accountability

We uphold the highest standards of ethics, conducting business with integrity and honoring our agreements. We ensure that our suppliers and others we work with embrace these same principles.

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Our ESG goals are a comprehensive set of 13 targets that strengthen our ESG commitments in Health & Safety, Environment & Impact, People & Communities and Governance & Accountability, and are aligned with major U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.


At Otis we are committed to leading with integrity and respect. This is reflected in our corporate policies, which apply to Otis, our colleagues and those we do business with.

At Otis, we do business the right way, and we do not tolerate bribery or corruption. Otis will compete for and pursue all business objectives solely on the merits. Otis prohibits all corrupt payments in connection with Otis business.

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Anti-Human Trafficking in the Supply Chain
Otis’ commitment to creating a world where people connect and thrive starts with basic human rights and quality of life around the world. Otis maintains an Anti-Human Trafficking Program designed to detect and mitigate all forms of human trafficking and exploitation of human life in its supply chain.

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Conflict Minerals Policy
As noted in the Otis Absolutes, creating a world where people connect and thrive starts with basic human rights and quality of life around the world. Otis is committed to these principals and to contribute to the elimination of human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) region funded by armed groups in the trade of Conflict Minerals.

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Government Relations
Otis’ government relations initiatives are intended to educate and inform officials and the public on a broad range of public policy issues that are important to its businesses. This policy governs all political activity, including lobbying, political contributions and visits of elected officials to Otis facilities.

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Human Rights Position Statement
We are committed to being a force for good in the world. We believe that each of us, committed to doing the right thing together, can incrementally make our organizations, communities, and the world, a better place.

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Supplier Code of Conduct
Our suppliers are critical to our success. To provide superior Otis products and services in a responsible manner, we require suppliers, and everybody they work with, to meet our expectations under the Otis Absolutes.

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